Barristers Independence

Barristers Independence

Some barristers are employed but the majority are independent, self-employed individuals. They work within a chambers structure for reasons of administrative convenience, as is the case with barristers at Kidwells Barristers’ Chambers.

They are governed by a rigorous and extensive code of conduct. This governs behaviour in respect of client confidentiality and other professional matters. This strict code, and their independence, means that it is not unusual to see members of the same chambers on opposing sides in a particular case. It is also not unknown for the judge to also be from the same chambers as well.

Self-employed barristers are not answerable or controlled by any particular firm of solicitors. They can, and do, accept instructions from a number of different firms of solicitors providing that there is no conflict. Barristers are also able, in certain circumstances, to accept instructions directly from companies, organisations and individuals without going through a solicitor. The code of conduct requires these barristers to have completed the required training, as have those currently at Kidwells Barristers Chambers.

Under the circumstances, anyone requiring the services of a barrister at Kidwells Barristers’ Chambers can, if they wish, instruct them with or without the use of a solicitor. They can of course still use the traditional and generally preferred method of instructions being given through a solicitor who may or may not be from Kidwells.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of instruction and this will depend upon the circumstances of the case. We would be very happy to discuss this with you and your legal advisor, if applicable